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Hello! I am a website inventor and engineer living in San Diego. I do everything from coming up with the idea to building the entire site. My speciality is creating websites that dynamically generate their content from a database of information.

I am interested in puzzles, both mental and physical (Both of those are websites of mine, by the way). I am currently self-employed, so if you need any help creating a website, be it small and simple or large and complex, drop me a line. I'd be glad to help.

Jake as a child
Jake as an adult


Stanford University

BS Degrees in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering.

Work Experience

Jake Olefsky, LLC

Website Inventor / Engineer


Toy Designer / Inventor / Engineer

Walt Disney Imagineering


Apple Computer

Software Engineer


#6,592,423 : Rotating holographic toy

#6,293,798 : System and method for an RC controller and software


The Everything Brain Strain Book

Published June, 2005 by Adams Media

Brain Pops! Lateral Thinking Puzzles

Published March, 2006 by Adams Media

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