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I've been lucky enough to have had several wonderful jobs which have allowed me to explore many different areas of design. I've worked on everything from toys to websites to amusement park rides. Here is a sampling of work that I have done.

Braingle.com Web Design

I enjoy designing and building websites. Sometimes the idea for the website comes from me, and sometimes I am hired to create or enhance an existing website. Here is a sampling of the sites that I have worked on.

Software Software

As a Stanford Graduate from the Computer Science department, I've got a lot of experience writing software. Here are a few programs that I've made available to anyone. They range from PHP scripts for web pages to Java games that you can play right here on this website.

Fib Finder Extreme Product Design

I got a lot of experience designing toys from working at IDEO. This section will show you some of the toys I helped bring to market as well as some personal projects that I've done.

A red mushroom Photography

I wouldn't call myself a professional photography by any means, but I enjoy taking photographs and I own lots of different cameras. Here is a small selection of photos that I have taken.