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Fotopholder Fotopholder

Fotopholder is a PHP library used to easily generate webpages from folders of images.

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logdigester Log Digester

This script will read and analyze your php error log and spit out a more readable version with the worst errors highlighted so you can fix those first.

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Exifixer Exifixer

I wrote this PHP library to do a better job at reading the EXIF data embeded in images taken from digital cameras. If you have PHP compiled in a certain way, you may already be enjoying some functions that do this to some degree, but the default implementation fails to parse all the embebed tags. My library will read many, many more tags, and it will work without needing to compile PHP with the exif option.

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Photosort Photosort

A little script that organizes a directory of photos by the date they were taken.

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Photoweed Photoweed

A little script that helps you weed out the photos you dont want to keep.

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Fractal Fractastic

Fractastic is a full screen fractal drawing program for the Macintosh that can draw the famous Mandelbrot, Julia and Newton equations among others. It allows you to zoom in real time, change the colors and save images.

More info and download.

Tile Puzzle Java Tile Puzzle

This is a little java applet that I wrote to simulate a sliding tile puzzle.

Click here to play.

Twiddle Twiddle

Heres a game that most people call either Othello or Reversi, but I call it Twiddle.

Click here to play.