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I wrote this PHP library to do a better job at reading the EXIF data embedded in images taken from digital cameras. If you have PHP compiled in a certain way, you may already be enjoying some functions that do this to some degree, but the default implementation fails to parse all the embedded tags. My library will read many, many more tags, and it will work without needing to compile PHP with the exif option.

This script has been tested with the following digital cameras:

Nikon CoolPix 700, Nikon CoolPix 4500, Nikon CoolPix 950, Canon PowerShot S200, Canon PowerShot S110, Olympus C2040Z, Olympus C960, Canon Ixus, FujiFilm DX 10, FujiFilm MX-1200, FujiFilm FinePix2400, FujiFilm FinePix2600, FujiFilm FinePix S602, FujiFilm FinePix40i, Sony D700, Sony Cybershot, Kodak DC210, Kodak DC240, Ricoh RDC-5300, Sanyo VPC-G250, Sanyo VPC-SX550


Sept 23, 2002First public release of Exifixer 1.0
Jan 25, 2003Exifixer 1.1 released

+ Gracefully handled the error case where you pass an empty string to this library
+ Fixed an inconsistency in the Olympus Camera parsing module
+ Added support for parsing the MakerNote of Canon images.
+ Modified how the imagefile is opened so it works for windows machines.
+ Correctly parses the FocalPlaneResolutionUnit and PhotometricInterpretation fields
+ Negative rational numbers are properly displayed
+ Strange old cameras that use Motorola endineness are now properly supported
+ Tested with several more cameras
Mar 30, 2003Exifixer 1.2 released

+Fixed an error that was displayed if you edited your image with WinXP's image viewer
+Fixed a bug that caused some images saved from 3rd party software to not parse correctly
+Changed the ExposureTime tag to display in fractional seconds rather than decimal
+Updated the ShutterSpeedValue tag to have the units of 'sec'
+Added support for parsing the MakeNote of FujiFilm images
+Added support for parsing the MakeNote of Sanyo images
+Fixed a bug with parsing some Olympus MakerNote tags
+Tested with several more cameras
Jun 15, 2003Exifixer 1.3 released

+Fixed Canon MakerNote support for some models
+Negative signed shorts and negative signed longs are properly displayed
+Several more tags are defined
+More information in my comments about what each tag is
+Parses and displays GPS information if available
+Tested with several more cameras
Sept 14, 2003Exifixer 1.4 released

+This software is now licensed under the GNU General Public License
+Exposure time is now correctly displayed when the numerator is 10
+Fixed the calculation and display of ShutterSpeedValue, ApertureValue and MaxApertureValue
+Fixed a bug with the GPS code
+Tested with several more cameras
Feb 18, 2005Exifixer 1.5 released

+It now gracefully deals with a passed in file that cannot be found.
+Fixed a GPS bug for the parsing of Altitude and other signed rational numbers
+Defined more values for Canon cameras.
+Added "bulb" detection for ShutterSpeed
+Made script loading a little faster and less memory intensive.
+Better error reporting
+Graceful failure for files with corrupt exif info.
+QuickTime (including iPhoto) messes up the Makernote tag for certain photos (no workaround yet)
+Now reads exif information when the jpeg markers are out of order
+Gives raw data output for IPTC, COM and APP2 fields which are sometimes set by other applications
+Improvements to Nikon Makernote parsing
+Bug fixes
Development Closed

Unfortunatly, I no longer have the time to maintain this script. Hopefuly it works for you as is.
The nice guys over at Zen Photo have taken over development.

Exifixer 1.5 (zip file - 80 k)

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