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Log Digester

It is highly recommended that you log your errors to a file instead of displaying them in the browser. As this log file grows, it can become difficult to find and react to errors. This script will read and analyze your php error log and spit out a more readable version with the worst errors highlighted so you can fix those first.

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New for version 1.1 is filters and source code viewing. Filters work by allowing you to specify keywords so that you can easily show errors from one particular website. If you run a server with multiple websites, this will be handy. Source code viewing is another nifty new feature. This allows you to jump directly to the source and see the exact line of code that is causing the error in question. Sweet! (The demo doesn't show these new features, so you'll just have to try it out yourself)


logdigester 1.1 (zip file - 4 k)

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